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To turn on history, the command is control h.  I'm not sure if that command toggles it off.  If it doesn't, escape may move you back to where you were.  command toggles it off, as well.
In any cases like this, when you want to find how to take an action, such as delete a favorite and it isn't where you are looking, such as in the favorites menu, move to a favorite.  Open the context menu.  Look through the context menu.  you'll find delete.
If you listen to everything spoken when you get to delete and don't interrupt speech by doing something first, you will hear the letter d spoken  That's the shortcut.  So in future, you can open the context menu and press d.

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Please I just want to know how to remove saved weebsites from my
favorites menu.  I can't find any option in the add to  favorites
dialog to remove them.
So, how can I go about removing them.
Secondly, how can one acess history on internet explorer.  Unlike what
you have in firefox, in which there is a history menu, there is
nothing like that in IE.  But I hear there is such a menu.  Where can
I find it.  Or how can it be accessed.
Kind regards.
From Ibrahim.

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