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Well, maybe not found it yet then.

The create shortcut..... windows cannot create a shortcut here, would you like it on the desktop was very handy in xp and 7.

It just seems to be far less open than it needs to be. the one strength of windows was that you could use many ways to get to a place if for example one of the interim screens was inaccessible, but that is far less easy to do in 10. It could be of course that 8 was the same, but I never bothered to install that update.

One oddity with nvda seems to be these alerts and dialogues that pop up with no apparent indication for the user, like if you want to move a folder from somewhere directly into the program files and its 32 bit counterpart. It appears from nvda that its just not happening but if you alt tab about in nvda you find this little window that wants you to click a choice as the task was suspended. How come this is not in the foreground?

This is what I mean by not being allowed in some cases, and when, say a folder is not accessible one might expect to hear a sound, like you do when trying to access other users areas etc, but in this case one does not, and having looked at the sound scheme, I cannot for the life of me see any way to make these shy windows make a noise!

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You've answered your own question, largely, in your thread title. One can set up desktop shortcuts quite easily to virtually any app or application (settings are a different matter). If you prefer the old Control Panel for most settings it's available and you can put a shortcut to it on your desktop.

I am annoyed that the "Send to -> Desktop (Create Shortcut)" method is no longer supported from the search results, but the extra step of "Open file location" (which opens the folder containing the program/app, with said program/app already selected) then doing the "send to -> desktop (create shortcut)" works just fine.

The "This PC" file explorer window (for lack of a better way of putting it - it's largely the same as the old "My Computer" window) shows your drives and you can do layout tweaking there.

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