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Yes. I had hopedto also make UAC completely off, but even with it at zero it still has some things that are blocked.

I was thinking about the registry hacking myself, but one should not have to resort to that. Much like in Firefox's extended configs, it should be possible with dire warnings to configure the machine to be open and easy to get at everything.
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Well to be honest, sound wise I did through a forum find the reg hacks to get login off shutdown and unlock sounds to actually like appear.
However while yes they have sfx, no they won't be active.
I don't know why this is.
But there is a way to in appevents of the hkey current user change all the sounds with 0s in them to 1s and they will show as events with their sounds and you can play them.
There must be something more to activating these events and I have not found what that is.

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I'm looking to make simpler some things in 10. I find having to search
for stuff long winded and also access via a huge tree of interconnected
dialogues is also a bit slow.
For example, how can one get to just a list of drives on the computer,
how can one get to the main screen of windows defender to do manual scans.
These are just two of the things I can do in windows 7, very easily,
but seem to be very irritatingly awkward on 10.
I have found the sound level of running programs dialogue and put a
shortcut to it, and this works, but in many cases in 10, despite classic
shell, and being an admin, I get blocked by you are not allowed to do
this or that, but when it is accessed via loads of menues links and
whatever, it goes there quite happily.
I seldom myself use start menu, preferring to get things either ron the
desktop or to put a folder of the shortcuts on the desktop. This saves a
lot of messing about in searches and scrolling up and down start menus
to find its been listed under some daft letter rather than the logical one.
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