Re: VFO not complimentary about NVDA

Antony Stone

What doesn't count as "commercial support" from ?

It's a support service, which you pay for. I agree that the website doesn't
specify when the service is available (24x7? business hours in some timezone?
something else?) but I still think it qualifies as a commercial support service
for using NVDA.


On Thursday 19 July 2018 at 00:54:20, Shaun Everiss wrote:

That is actually a point, nvda is free, but there isn't such a thing as
comercial support, there is this list and you can pay for support from
the nvda devs themselves I think but for businesses, well thats not
about right now maybe we need to look at this as a community to have
some comercial support who knows.

On 7/19/2018 10:28 AM, Christian Schoepplein wrote:

my employer, the city of Munich, has started to migrate from Windows to
Linux maybe 12 years ago. Now they are switching back to Windows because
they say it is the standard in the industries and in the majority of
companies and open source is causing problems especialy when exchanging
documents or other office related data. The default software on a
workstation for blind people, maybe 30 are working for thecity of
Munich, is Windows 7 with Jaws and next year it will be Windows 10
also with Jaws. I am working as an Linux system administrator for the
city of Munich and for me NVDA is the better solution, because I can
more easily use the textbased terminal of the 2.000 Linux servers I
have to take care of, but NVDA will not be the official screenreader,
at least not in the next years. The argument why they are still
prefering Jaws is that tey think they can not get commercial and
official support when problems occure or when special solutions are
needed. And indeed, I do not know a company in Germany which is
offering commercial support for NVDA. Maybe I should change my job and
set up such a company :-).

Also in Germany the soft- and hardware which blind people need for their
job is payed by offical departments or job centers. Those departments do
only know Jaws or the other commercial solutions. They are very ofthen
simply not aware that there is a open source solution. But even if they
know, they would also say that no official companies can support the
blind people who are using NVDA.

Ciao and all the best from Munich,

I want to build a machine that will be proud of me.

- Danny Hillis, creator of The Connection Machine

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