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Sarah k Alawami

I was actually working for these companies, writing lesson plans etc on Microsoft word. They were on surface things. I told them I would rather use nvda, they said, no, you can use jaws. I had no choice.
They train their students with jaws. They would not even consider talking typing teacher, they didn’t even know about it. Let’s say, I didn’t last long even though I gave them budget and materials and cost of things they would need for the children. They just said it would cost too much and we'll look into it next year. They did say that I did an excellent job writing the lesson plans and end goals for the children though, but the programs I was going to start never took off. I probably would have done a lot better and finished the job in half the time though had I used nvda and word on the surface thing.

On Jul 18, 2018, at 1:38 PM, Antony Stone <antony.stone@...> wrote:

What you say may be true, but I got the impression from Sarah's email that she
was not an employee in these companies, but was talking to employers in the
capacity of a trainer for assistive technologies.

Therefore I think the conversations she had may have had a different basis from
your average "worker bee", as you say.


On Wednesday 18 July 2018 at 22:32:38, Rob Hudson wrote:

Well if you are just a worker bee, the company is not required of going to
bother to explain themselves to you. You get told, no, and you just have
to accept it. If you don't like it, too bad, there's the damn door, find
another job. The company doesn't care. That's been my experience anyway.
And since it is generally harder for blind or otherwise disabled people to
find jobs, they have no choice but to accept what the company gives them.
And you can bet the companies know that. We hired you, now show some
appreciation by shutting up and not making any waves.
Antony Stone wrote:

It could be security, agreed, but I'm interested in what companies say in
actual conversation, more than in speculation about what we think they
might say.
All generalisations are inaccurate.

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