Re: Skype 8 for desktop answering incoming call?

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>


there is a list of 32 or 33 short cut keys for skype 8. Except when you
do some of them like to make a call even though i am say focused on echo
calling and do the shortcut to do a audio call it will not do it. Just
as easy to go to the menu by tabbing to itafter pushing the enter key if
i remember right.

The alt 1 to 3 keys seem to work though and some others.

I am wondering if i should just get rid of the shortcuts in the tutorial
that do not work with nvda.

At present i have set skype to automatically answer my calls.

It is much easier to do it like a web page when jumping around it.

Gene nz

On 7/19/2018 8:33 PM, P. Otter wrote:
hi, i know for sure it is to make an audio call.
ctrl plus shift plus p you can start a call. with ctrl plus shift plus
k you start a video call.
i think it is not for answering a call.
what exactly the shortcut is to answer is blowing in the wind!
some tells it is alt plus pgup but i'm not sure.
there is no complete list of shortcuts availlable.
in some lists they talk about that i can enable shortcuts in extra,
but that was in the old situation.
in skype 8 i don't find any extra.
i hope there will be a solution for it before skype classic is ended!
paul otter

Op 19-7-2018 om 02:10 schreef Cristóbal:
SO anyway, to answer my own question since it seems no one had the
The actual command to answer an incoming call with Skype 8.x desktop
is control plus shift plus P. This was listed in the link I provided
as the command to start a call.
Still though, it seems you have to be in the Skype window to execute
any of these commands. Be it answer, hang up, mute, etc. This is a
rather needless annoyance since before, the hotkeys were universal no
matter where you may have been in the machine.
It may seem like a minor thing, but I often work in different virtual
desktops with lots of programs and windows open at the same time and
having to scramble to get to the right window/desktop and then
perform the action when before a simple alt plus pg up or pg down
worked fine comes off as a pointless step backwards.

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ctrl d also opens the dial pad.

On 7/18/18, Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...> wrote:

Have a look down the bottom you can quickly jump down by B for buttons
until you get to use dial pad then arrow down. There will be 4 tabs
there one is chats then press the enter key on it then arrow down. it
will have chats there old and new  from people.

I would have to have a look under contacts and see if you can get the
chat stuff from that person as well.

hope this helps.

Gene nz

On 7/19/2018 8:18 AM, Mark wrote:
Hi can anyone tell  me how to
Read old messages from the same person Using skype 8 for desktop Mark.

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Feel free to subscribe to the skype english list where the owner of
some scripts and add ons lives, or rather is subscribed. Lol!

Go to<>
and subscribe there.

As for your not being able to answer a call tab to the answer button
and whack it. I’ve ben doing this for years now rather than rely on
I personally at least as far as skype hate them. I feel I can know the
interface a lot better by tabbing rather than key strokes which might
not work, or they might depending on the day I’m having.

On Jul 18, 2018, at 7:21 AM, Cristóbal
<cristobalmuli@...<mailto:cristobalmuli@...>> wrote:

As I mentioned, I am using Skype for desktop.

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Which version are you using?

My computer which is running windows 10 has the windows 10 app on it
also the latest skype 8 desk top app which i am writing a tutorial
for. In the desk top version skype 8 it has the options there to
accept them automatically under calling they just have to be checked.

Just to confuse you as well there is a web version which is very much
like skype 8

Gene nz

On 7/18/2018 12:34 PM, Cristóbal wrote:
I guess that’s a solution, but that’s not exactly encouraging. You
figure for such an essential command, there would be a hotkey for it
that would work outside of the program itself. I mean it already
existed in older versions (alt plus pg-up).
I’m going to have to try tomorrow with it on my laptop. I haven’t
updated my main desktop where I do nearly all of my calls so we’ll see.
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Hi If i remember right when the call comes in it lands on i think it
is the accept button then press the enter key and start talking.
I am not sure if it was read out by nvda though.

I would have to get some one to give me a call to confirm again as i
use voip alot now.

Gene nz

On 7/18/2018 11:08 AM, Cristóbal wrote:
Hello list,
So, I upgraded Skype for desktop on a laptop to try to get used to it
before MS kills Skype classic in September. I came across some short
cut keys from:
-use-them-in-skype What I’m not finding is the hotkey to answer an
incoming call. I can’t believe that there isn’t one for such a  basic
function, but it’s not listed in the table. Start a call, hang up,
mute, that’s all fine, but nothing for answering a call. Am I missing
something or is this really not included as a shortcut key?

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