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Arianna Sepulveda

Brian, having never used this program for, and not being very familiar with drag-and-drop operations overall, let alone with NVDA, i'm only going to attempt to answer the first part of your question. I would think that you should be able to move to each column header using NVDA's Object Navigation. Then you would route the mouses focus to that object. I can't remember the command to do this, but I'm pretty sure there is one. If that fails, try using the text review commands, and if on a laptop, hitting shift+insert+m when you get to the column header that you want. This should route the mouse's focus to the text that you're on when using the text review commands. Sorry I can't be of more help. I hope this will give you a place with which to start experimenting.


On May 23, 2016, at 11:14 AM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

Hello All,

           This post has some broad elements asking about drag and drop operations in NVDA plus a couple of specifics to the situation.  I am just not sure where to look in available documentation.

            Someone on the Blindtech group asked this morning about reordering the columns in the inbox (or other folder) display on Thunderbird.  The only way that I can find to do this in their own documentation and through my own experimentation/exploration is via drag and drop.

            In NVDA, if I am not using mouse tracking I have yet to find a way to get focus thrown to any of the inbox column headings and I have to believe there is a way to do this.  If someone could let me know what that is I'd appreciate it.

            Once I have focus on a given column heading the way to move it via mouse is drag and drop, so I'd imagine I initiate a drag and drop via Left Mouse Button Lock, INS+NumPad Divide for desktop or CAPS Lock+CTRL+Left Square Bracket for laptop.  What I don't know is, once one has the column ready to drag, how does one move the actual mouse pointer to drag it.  My gut tells me it's whichever one prefers:  the hard arrow keys or the Num Pad arrow keys.  I have not, however, found this documented.

             I also have to believe that the drop action is either done with a Left Mouse Button Click sequence or else a repetition of the Left Mouse Button Lock if it is a toggle that releases when done again.

             Any and all assistance is appreciated.  The instances where drag and drop appears to be the only option are quite rare, but I'd like to know how it is done for those rare occasions where it's needed.

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