Problem with Firefox - maybe use Edge instead?

Morne van der Merwe

Good day list,


This is going to be a quite lengthy email.  I will describe my problem as best as I can.  I’m running the latest version of NVDA as well as the laters version of Windows 10.


I downloaded Firefox extended version and installed it on my computer.  I saved quite an amount of bookmarks.  Last week I did something wrong and Firefox wasn’t my default browser anymore.  I went to my list of default programs in settings, but couldn’t find Firefox there.  Not even my sighted wife didn’t find it.  I went on Mozilla’s page and the solution I found was to uninstall Firefox and reinstall it again – which I did.  After reinstalling, I ended up with a folder on my desktop called “Old Firefox data.” 


Now I get to the problem.  Before I uninstalled Firefox, I got 36 bookmarks saved.  After the reinstallation, I bookmarked 3 new webpages.  They are not listed among the 36 bookmarks.  However, when I hit enter on “show all bookmarks”, then I find the last three bookmarks.  Only those three are in “show all bookmarks”.  All my other bookmarks is outside that folder.


Then I tried Edge.  But when I open Edge and press the alt-key to open the menu of Edge, nothing happens. 


Can somebody help me with the Firefox issue?  Or is it better to start using Edge?  I personally find Edge more rresponsive.  On the other hand, all my bookmarks are in Firefox.


Any help would be apreciated.


Kind regards




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