Smartphones with Keypads or Keyboards


This seems to me to be worthy of a spin-off topic of its own.

If you're not looking for a phone where you want a full keypad for texting, but would like a dial pad for calling, and want an Android device all rolled into one there's the Freetel Musashi FTJ161A
which is hugely expensive, but one of a kind as far as I know since it can act as a full smartphone with touch screen on the top half and still has a standard dial pad on the bottom half.  (For more on this device see:  Freetel tried to enter the US market in 2016/2017 but pretty much failed in that attempt.  Their what-was-then-flagship standard smartphone, the Samurai Kiwami, can now be had for under $100, and it works fine on T-Mobile's GSM network and should do the same for Verizon.  It is, however, still an Android Lollipop (5.1) device out of the box and since Freetel has left the US market ongoing support cannot be expected.

This web search returns many options for currently available smartphones with keyboards,, and this one for smartphones with keyboards and touchscreens,
There is, of course, a huge amount of overlap between those two lists.

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