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Sarah k Alawami

I’ve heard that. It can be quite amusing , until you listen to it get lower and lower. I’ve herd it get so low all you hear isa click, then it gets very annoying fast.

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Why haven’t they continued to develope eloquence. My problem is that when there is a long string of text without any punctuation, the voice goes lower and lower in pitch.
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And what is meant by Elocrash?  You seem to have a Trumpian desire to give anything you don't like a disparaging name and the names I've seen so far are not accurate in terms of the product.  Take Elocrash, for example.  The only general crashing problem I've heard of is caused by certain strings of text.  In the roughly twenty years I've been on lists like Blindtech, I haven't once heard that Eloquence is prone to crashing except under those conditions.  Every program has bugs.  It doesn't crash unless deliberately nonstandard combinations of letters are used not found in English and the product hasn't been updated for years, perhaps for more than fifteen years.  The product continues to be the best for fast speech accuracy combined with low use of resources, which makes it very responsive, good pausing and pausing at the right places, as opposed to so many of the synthesizers people love to say ar so human, in short, a good product remains a good product indefinitely if it is not just good for its time, but objectively good when measured against what is objectively good in whatever it is trying to do.
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If you called it Elocrash, I’m not surprised they don’t want you.  What’s the point in having beta testers who don’t like the product from the word go?
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I also disagree with that system. Has anyoen contacted themand voiced their experiences and if so what was the response. I think it might have ben something nlike”we don’t care.” not surprising. I tried to sign up for the beta for elocrash on android and they said that they have internal testing and don’t want or need beta testers at this time.


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Oh my that would be excellent! I would just love it, if eloquence and my copy of jaws were tied into my microsoft account or my windows account! then I could update windows without fear of losing anything! The cost of sapi5 eloquence is not really bad. because $70 for 10 languages comes out to around $7 per language. Not bad. It's the stupid licensing system that has to catch up to the 21st century. that is the major issue i do not like about how eloquence and other nuance products are registered. I did purchase sapi5 eloquence. i just disagree with their activation methods.  

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