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Yes exactly the same here too. The author was aware of these issues and said he would use a slightly less complicated way to do things. it also got extremely confused in Goldwave!
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The fake clipboard addon doesn’t know if the operation, copy, paste, etc. actually occurred. It just announces something because the command is given. The clipboard speak add on knows when an operation occurs. So if it announces something, that is because it detects the operation. It won’t announce something if nothing occurred.

In the past, clipboard speak would cause problems in one program or another. I don’t remember details but I think it interfeered in some operations in Word. Also, in a Youtube downloading program I use, it caused problems. In these cases, the problems didn’t necessarily have anything to do with what happened when you used commands like copy and paste, but if I removed the add on, the problems stopped. This was in a beta version and these problems may have been solved.

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How does this differ from the Fake Clipboard Announcement add-on?
Does it offer more features or controls?

On 20/07/2018, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Hi all,

For those who wanted a way to let NVDA announce various clipboard
operations, now you have it in the form of Clipspeak add-on by Damien



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