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Gerardo Corripio

Speaking of which, I downloaded off the page Joseph gave, and it installed version 1.0, thus when I went to install it, NVDAreported that version 1.0 was already installed, asking if I wanted to install it anyway? I wonder then what's the new version, and is it available from the Stable download option?

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Basically the idea is a more intelligent announcement when you use the clipboard shortcut keys. IE it does what Jaws and other screenreaders do and says what you have done. Unlike the basic clipboard keys announce add on we have been using it attempts to only say what its really done.
Unfortunately it was quite slow and as I said did make pasting into word often complain with a low memory error but in fact the paste did work. It also used to come up with some interesting comments when using goldwave cut and paste of  audio files as well.

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Hi what does this add on all do for your clip board?

I must have missed that part of the messages about this add on.

On 7/19/2018 11:55 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,

For those who wanted a way to let NVDA announce various clipboard
operations, now you have it in the form of Clipspeak add-on by Damien





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