Re: New to list, newbie question, everything new starts here I guess

Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

Windows 8 was a complete failure, nobody liked it, and it was a bit buggy. However, windows 8.1 fixed most of the issues folks had with the os, and many many folks use windows 8.1 every single day, Myself among them. I have no problems with 8.1 except for things related to virus scanning software, but I understand that's not unique to 8.1 anyway, so I don't worry about it. There is also an issue that will sometimes prevent a program from installing correctly on 8.1 which has no issues on windows 10 or 7, and although those programs are few, they are problems at times. I've personally runinto 2 or 3 of those programs, some of which I got installed anyways by working around the windows install process, but I understand that some folks won't have that option, so in those kinds of cases, 8.1 may not be an os they would like to run. Me personally though? I like it, and because of licensing issues when switching to windows 10, I will wait until the absolute last moment to upgrade, (or I'll just go back to linux and OSX depending on how I feel about it all at that point.

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