Accessible voice and text chat

Bill Dengler

This might not be the right list for this sort of thing, but I figured it’d be worth a shot.
With Skype’s accessibility degrading on Windows and virtually disappearing on the Mac after recent updates, I’m looking for alternatives.
I’m looking for a service (or collection of services used together) for realtime voice and text chat. The services must have accessible, native (i.e. not a web view) apps on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. I am willing to consider an app with a web view if accessibility is excellent. Incoming text chat messages must be automatically read aloud for JAWS users. The following features are nice to have, in rough order of most to least important, but are not required:
1. Automatic reading of incoming text chat messages for NVDA, VoiceOver users.
2. End-to-end encryption.
3. Use of the Opus codec (or something similar) allowing for high, yet stable audio quality depending on network conditions.
4. Conference/group chat support.
5. Based on open standards (or has a public API), so if the app breaks we can find/write another.

A few options I thought of:
faceTime/iMessage: doesn’t work for Windows/Android/non-Apple users.
Whatsapp/Signal/Slack: desktop apps are web based
Discord: desktop app is web based, reports of inaccessibility on mobile
Telegram: accessibility on mobile is hit and miss
Google Duo/Alo: no desktop apps at all
Running my own XMPP/SIP server: no XMPP clients that I know of autoread for JAWS, I am responsible for running my own servers (not in itself a bad thing but makes it harder to communicate with those not connected to my server), difficult to use for nontechnical users.
Twiter direct messages: will not be realtime after streaming API is shut down, no solution for voice chat.

Any ideas on other services I can investigate?

Thanks in advance,

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