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Jonathan COHN

Very interesting. I was just talking about this same issue with my brother earlier today.

There was also a recent discussion on the W3C interest group about why local CSS is a good accessibility tool. Though I believe the author said he had to use Safari in order to have a local style sheet that overrode the ones supplied by the web site.

IN terms of your specific problem, I don't believe that NVDA has a graphics labeling function available either in core or in one of the addons.

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For a long time I have been using a large screen and set up \Windows
7 using the high contrast theme. There are some elements that are
invisible when using Firefox. Most times I can work around this. I am
starting to use NVDA to fill in the gaps.

Still learning though. I ran into an issue on the MedicAlert web
site. There are 3 buttons or elements in its shopping cart that have no
labels and do not speak. I would appreciate some pointers on this so I
can resolve this. Thanks much.

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