Re: OT Observations on skype 8 for desktop

Brian K. Lingard

Dear Paul & List:


Paul in a previous post asked if I was bored as well as quoted my observations on a train of messages, I questioned why they were posted here instead of Skype English, as they had nothing to do with NVDA.


No, not bored at all; just observant.

The remarks regarding grammar & spell checking are based upon my ledger experience of running my Outlook 2013 checkers on the train of messages. 1,301 bytes of trailer lines is excessive.

Idea! If Outlook is your mail client, try turning on grammar & spell checking to see if they catch any errors. The lack of capitalization and spelling errors on most lists is phenomenal. Much of it can be eliminated by turning on the built-in checkers.

This can really improve the experience of participating in mailing lists.

Summing up previous messages concisely is an excellent skill to hone.

Unbelievably, even lists for English Lit majors in college also have these problems.



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