Re: Introduction, and a question

Brian K. Lingard

James, Felix, Brian's mail list & James were discussing NVDA and problems with external media showing files still in use when wishing to safely remove them.

Shaun had comments about bad experiences with Outlook; corrupted .PST file lost much mail etc. Gave a synopsis of various editions of Windows & Skype.

I do not think people distrust the Skype team; they provided good accessibility to Skype at least up to Skype Classic.
Yes, providing feedback to MS about what works and what does not work in Skype with Screenreader makes a lot of sense. Certainly, MS has had some legendary dud editions of Windows. Vista was about the worst. Skype accessibility is changing. Possibly for the worse, not sure.

Shaun, not sure, if your commentary regarding Skype belong here or on the Skype English list.
The message train would benefit from use of grammar & spelling checkers prior to posting as well as trimming almost 1 k bytes of list trailer lines.

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