Re: Introduction, and a question

Antony Stone

The only files you can corrupt by unplugging a USB device without safely
unmounting it first are files on that USB device.

Any files on the main computer which are in use at the time (even if they're in
use by a program running from the USB device) can't be affected, because the
hard disk in the main computer is still connected and its file system is still
intact,and I hope that when the main computer gets shut down, it's not just by
unplugging the power cable :)



On Monday 23 July 2018 at 15:38:43, James Bentley wrote:


I would like to use NVDA portible on a thumb drive on public computers.
And, friends computers.

So, I better double check some thing here. If files do get corrupted, will
it be just on my thumb drive? I sure do not want to mess up a computer
that doesn't even belong to me.

Thanks for your thoughts,

James B
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