Re: Accessible voice and text chat

Tyler Wood

A few years ago I might have agreed with you on microsoft playing catch up.

These days, as you say, Microsoft is everywhere. Seeing AI is simply a revolutionary tool on the smartphone and is not made by apple. Similarly, narrator is quickly becoming a replacement for your every day screen reader. Keep in mind that the NFB went at apple pretty hard back in the day, too, so it isn't as though their bringing more accessibility into the market was voluntary. Microsoft has pretty decent accessibility on the Xbox, as well, a far cry from Sony who, even though they released so called accessibility first, are still missing crutial tts in areas like the system settings 4 years later. Playing catch up, indeed.

I'm curious where you think microsoft is lacking in accessibility these days? Considering we have quite a few folks with disabilities working for microsoft as well as apple, I think they're on a pretty level playing field.

On 23-Jul-2018 3:40 PM, Antony Stone wrote:
Microsoft may have a better record on accessibility than "many other
companies", but depending on which other companies you compare them with, that
may not be saying much.

Also, given their overwhelming dominance in the desktop (laptop) computing
market, I think they have not done as well as they should have done in terms
of accessibility.

I think Apple were late starters in the accessibility arena, but once they
decided to go for it, they showed how it should be done, and Microsoft have
simply played catch-up, in order to avoid total embarrassment (rather like
they had to in the mid 90s when they suddenly realised that people had found
out about the Internet, and if they didn't do something quick, they'd be left
behind in the networked world).


On Monday 23 July 2018 at 22:29:59, Gene wrote:

I'm saying this not as a moderator, but as a list member. I really object
to you giving companies disparaging nicknames and I especially object to
it when the company has a much better record on accessibility than many
other companies.

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On 7/24/2018 4:13 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I never actually lost trust in MS. I knew that skype was in time going
to be a good thing and talk about html was in happening even since
about 2004 if I remember correctly. Skype has come a long way and we
have to thank microslop for it. They made skype what it is today, a
ver good tool for my jobs and more.

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