Re: streaming (forwarding) audio including system sounds etc from one computer to another via internet

Aman Singer


Try setting up a TeamTalk server on your work or home PC and
connecting to it with both your home and work PC. Then set your work PC,
either through a “stereo mix” recording option on the work PC, through a
second soundcard, or through a program like virtual audio cable, to stream
sound to the TeamTalk server. You will then hear the sound from any clients
connected to the TeamTalk server, including a client on your home PC.
Note that it would be best to use an encrypted VPN for this, I am
unaware what, if any, encryption is offered by TeamTalk. Note also
that the quality of the sound will be good, but it will not be like
sitting in front of your computer. I believe the best TeamTalk can do
is 510 KBPS. Finally, there are other options, but I don't know of any
one which works on Windows and is accessible. My favourite is
but this only works on Android. If you have an Android phone you can
connect to the receiving PC's line-in, that should work. There is also
which works on Windows but which I can't seem to use with Jaws or NVDA.

From: [] On Behalf Of J.G
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 8:12 PM
Subject: [nvda] streaming (forwarding) audio including system sounds etc
from one computer to another via internet


next week I will start to work from home for a while. Because I'm working
with sounds, I need to know, how to push all sounds from my work computer at
the work place to computer which is at home. I tried via rdp, where I found
conflict between NVDA and other software in use and VLC which I couldn't

any advice or suggestion will be very appreciated what should I do to bring
all sounds from work computer to computer at home.


regards, Jožef

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