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Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>

Hi Bobby

Since that tutorial was done back then i used a few times mainly for
getting the shows that were on you tube like space 1999 the complete
series etc.

i have not upgraded that version what ever its version number was. I
just went looking on this machine for it just then but remembered i had
replaced the drive with a solid state drive and not put it back on yet.

It was very simple to use and there is a link in the tutorial if i
remember to where you can get it from and the basics of using it.

I just re downloaded it just then and will set it up shortly what ever
the version it was. It will be used on a windows 10 machine 1803 build.

The tutorial for it is on the nvda tutorials for other programs page or
it comes off it.

The link to the page it's self is

I am hoping to put up a Skype 8 for desk top tutorial  later on this
week as well to that same page it comes off.

It just has to be tidied up and maybe a web version of skype as well
maybe sooner or later.

Gene nz

On 7/24/2018 3:31 PM, Bobby Vinton wrote:
Hay I was wondering if you still use the free you tube down loader for
windows?  I was wondering if the program is still accessible?  I am
asking because you did a demo on the program.  I have not updated the
program in a year butt I am using the older version. Just let me know.

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