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Brian K. Lingard

Dear Glenn & List:


Glad you too would like lists better where all posts are grammar & spell checked. Really makes for a nicer experience. Trimming long trains of irrelevant messages also reduces the traffic people on smartphones pay for, as does minimizing quoting or summing up the 1,900 previous messages in your own words in a sentence or two.


We shall excuse traffic from notetakers, and smartphones, as their grammar & spellchecking functions are not as robust as computers or as easy to use in many cases.


Rosemarie, I dislike having to be the bearer of the bad news about posting habits, grammar & spell checking, but someone needs to do it. Spending a little time to sum up the previous messages in your own words, in a sentence or two, or a short paragraph for many prior messages, is a great skill, in high demand in jobs, education and other situations. If everyone did these things, it would make the list mail experience more wonderful for everyone. In addition, the smartphone members would love the savings in their cellular data bill.


From: [] On Behalf Of Ervin, Glenn
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 12:38 PM
Subject: Re: [NVDA] skype 8 for desktop


Although I do not expect it to happen by everyone on a list, I must add that I wish more folks would use a spellchecker on their email program.

If one has Office installed, then your email program will definitely be able to check your email messages when you send them.

If you do not have Office installed, I think some email programs have a spellchecking function included, I have not come across them though.

I can excuse smart phones and tablets, as their spellchecking functions may be harder to use.

Although not required, on lists, it is just good practice in my opinion.


From: <> On Behalf of Rosemarie Chavarria
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 11:31 AM
Subject: Re: [NVDA] skype 8 for desktop


Pardon me, but is this an NVDA list or a list to teach grammar skills? I did not know we had an English professor on the list. You must be very bored to be correcting everybody's messages.


That is all I will say.


From: [] On Behalf of Brian K. Lingard
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 1:49 AM
Subject: Re: [NVDA] skype 8 for desktop


1,301 bytes redundant trailer lines deleted.

Perhaps belongs on Skype English?

Please, use grammar, spell checkers and proofread;

Please quote just enough to maintain continuity of thought per list rule; or sum up prior messages in a sentence or two, a highly prized skill.


From: [] On Behalf Of Cristóbal
Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2018 9:04 PM
Subject: Re: [NVDA] skype 8 for desktop


Correct. There is not, but the answer has since been provided. So problem solved. This should of course be included in Skype’s info, but for one reason or another, it is not. Either way, the answer is once again, control plus shift plus P. I found this out by playing with the program and doing some test calls after my original query got back all sorts of outdated or irrelevant info. The ideal scenario would be that the information should be easily and readily accessible via Skype itself, but it is not. Therefore, it goes…


From: <> On Behalf of P. Otter
Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2018 5:58 PM
Subject: Re: [NVDA] skype 8 for desktop


You are right, but there is not mention the hotkey to answer a call!
In addition, that is the problem.
Paul otter

Op 23-7-2018 Om 01:14 schreef Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io:

Hi all

Below is a link, which Microsoft give short cuts for skype 8 for desktop




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