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Brian K. Lingard

Yes, Gene Asner is moderator, however I am not trying to moderate, just observing as to how people post. The rules for most lists say to minimize quoting to maintain continuity of discussion or sum up prior messages in a sentence or two. Alas, few list owners try to persuade their list members to do these things. Since not everyone is an English scholar, we have grammar & spell checkers to help us look like we are better communicators. Sorry to offend, my observations were and are not directed to you personally, just commenting on list traffic in general.


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Excuse me but Gene Asner is the moderator--not you.




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This message train does discuss Skype 8 for desktop, however has nothing to do with NVDA, this list's topic.

Perhaps should migrate to Skype English?

Please, Use grammar & spell checkers for optimal writing perfection. In addition, proofread.

1,200 bytes of redundant list trailers deleted.



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Hay I was also wondering how to exit or quit skype from the system tray?


On 7/22/2018 8:58 PM, P. Otter wrote:

you are right, but there is not mention the hotkey to answer a call!
in addition, that is the problem.
Paul otter

Op 23-7-2018 om 01:14 schreef Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io:

hi all

below is a link, which Microsoft give short cuts for skype 8 for desktop





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