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Brian K. Lingard

Dear Gene & List:

Yes, I do not know of any lists requiring people to proofread their posts. As requested, will direct comments about list posting habits to you, the moderator in future.


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While it would be nice if people read their messages before sending, and so forth, this list, and no other list I am on, requires it and it is generally considered bad form to comment on writing or grammar except in egregious circumstances where a message is difficult to understand.  It is generally advised to observe the culture of a list before commenting on such things.  Also, such comments are, except in egregious cases, far better either not commented on or, if you want the list to start trying to encourage good writing, such comments should be sent to the owner and moderator, using the link given in the footer of each message for that purpose.


Gene, moderator

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Subject: Re: [NVDA] skype 8 for desktop


This message train does discuss Skype 8 for desktop, however has nothing to do with NVDA, this list's topic.

Perhaps should migrate to Skype English?

Please, Use grammar & spell checkers for optimal writing perfection. In addition, proofread.

1,200 bytes of redundant list trailers deleted.



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Hay I was also wondering how to exit or quit skype from the system tray?


On 7/22/2018 8:58 PM, P. Otter wrote:

you are right, but there is not mention the hotkey to answer a call!
in addition, that is the problem.
Paul otter

Op 23-7-2018 om 01:14 schreef Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io:

hi all

below is a link, which Microsoft give short cuts for skype 8 for desktop





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