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The whole issue of twitter clients though was that so many people were using them that the bread and butter of Twitter, advertising, was not being seen by most people. This means one of two things. Either you need to pay to use Twitter without ads, or you have to use Twitter with adverts. It seems the former is what Twitter has decided, since access to the new api will cost third party writers per user of any app made.
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Its a pitty ms killed skypekit.

What the blind need now is a client that uses the latest protocals for skype, it should support, skype including ms accounts, facebook accounts, no home page, no adds, the standard message and contacts tab and the phone stuff and nothing else.

Well groups, and video should we use it but thats it.

On 7/24/2018 7:13 AM, Cristóbal wrote:
This is where a third party client comes in handy. Who knows how it’ll all shake out after Twitter’s new rules take place next month, but for now, and for Twitter at least, the cleanest option is a third party client.

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Subject: [nvda] Using different social media platforms/websites with NVDA

I find navigating social media websites very tiring. Is there an efficient way to access websites like facebok and twitter?
at present there is no way i could just give a casual navigation to these websites. it is because of their highly interactive content, navigating them is very tiring. you are forced to hear all sorts of unnecessary information. for example, you don't wish to hear the day and the time and other minor options in twitter while navigating from tweet to tweet in twitter.

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