Re: Using different social media platforms/websites with NVDA

Jonathan COHN

OK, different tack here. 

Both twitter and Facebook have single key shortcuts of their own for navigation.  Also, for Facebook, each grouping of a post and its replies is in an article region. I am not sure if NVDA "d" key will skip to the next article or if it just uses more encompassing HTNL regions. 

So if you are in NVDA focus mode:
j will move to next posting 
k will move to previous posting
l will like a posting 
? will give a full list of shortcuts I will include twitters list below.

BTW J/K/?  also work in Gmail . 

t in a twitter web page will retweet with an option to add your own text. 
WindowEyes once had a training session on these keystrokes I wonder if VFO kept any of that training around.


Jonathan Cohn 

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