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I agree, if it was local content like coupons for my store or extras like that maybe I'd let it go maybe I'd make a decision.

I have had this happen, when walking on the street with family and friends, going to one place for lunch, seeing adds for another, and some cheaper fruit or something on the other side of the road and shifting over to that.

This doesn't happen on computers, if adds meant something real then maybe we would be more reseptive.

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Yes its the same for all social media. What is really needed though in my view all over the web is some kind of accessible ad filter. IE if the ad is just going to muck up the accessibility of a site it should be banished to the bin and sooner or later such adverts will stop being made, hopefully. I do not think nvda should or could develop simply to read ofddball adverts inserted by third party servers at the whim of a bot.
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Dear Shaun & List:
Your ideal Skype client for blind users would be wonderful, however not permitting adverts prevents blind Skypes from seeing the activity that helps pay for Skype.

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Its a pity MS killed skype kit.

What the blind need now is a client that uses the latest protocols for skype, it
should support, skype including MS accounts, Facebook accounts, no home
page, no adds, the standard message and contacts tab and the phone stuff
and nothing else.

Well groups, and video should we use it but that is it.

On 7/24/2018 7:13 AM, Cristóbal wrote:
This is where a third party client comes in handy. Who knows how
it’ll > all
shake out after Twitter’s new rules take place next month, but for now, and
for Twitter at least, the cleanest option is a third party client.

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Subject: [NVDA] Using different social media platforms/websites with

I find navigating social media websites very tiring. Is there an >
efficient way
to access websites like Facebook and twitter?
at present, there is no way I could just give a casual navigation
to > these
websites. it is because of their highly interactive content, navigating them is
very tiring. you are forced to hear all sorts of unnecessary information. for
example, you do not wish to hear the day and the time and other minor
options in twitter while navigating from tweet to tweet in twitter.


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