Re: Using different social media platforms/websites with NVDA

Giles Turnbull

I think we've kinda wandered away from what Sociohack was asking, and are now talking about the rights and wrongs and frustrations about advertising on Twitter!

My recommendation, at least the way I use Facebook, is to use the mobile version of the site, which you replace the www in the address with m, so it is m.facebook not www.facebook ... often if you see a Facebook link on a website it will take you to the main Facebook site, but you can simply go to the addressbar by presing F6 key, and replace the www with an m, and the page you want normally loads perfectly in the mobile site.

For twitter, Twitter also has a mobile webpage, mobile dot twitter dot com. THat is a little more accessible than the non-mobile site, but not much. THere are Twitter clients that have been referred to but none mentioned. As the debate has said, it is hard to know what will happen to these when Twitter makes its changes regarding advertising next month, so it is probably not worth paying for one of the apps until we now what is going on. But, two paid apps I know of are Chicken Nugget, which I tried and didn't like very much because things weren't where I expected them to be, and TW Blue which I like a lot and use myself. I can't remember if you have to pay for TW Blue but I did or donated and I love it.

THere is a rather nice free Twitter website called Easy Chirp, www dot easychirp dot com. It sometimes takes a little while to find where things are, but on the whole I enjoyed using it until I switched to TW Blue.

Hope that gives you a few ideas,


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