Re: skype gripe Fix

Brian K. Lingard

Dear Brian Tew & List:

NVDA and the Braille display cannot see the replies from your text chat

No problem.
Do you have a 400-minute demo copy of JAWS 2018, built 1803 available? If
so, great. See if JAWS works to find the whereabouts of the replies field.
No JAWS? Flag down the first sighted person that comes by, explain what you
are looking for and ask them to count the rows & columns from the
upper-left-hand edge of the screen to the elusive field and count how wide
it is.

Now the fun part: either convince the client to buy JAWS 2018 build 103, the
quick and expensive method, or figure out how to get NVDA to read the
replies field!

Hit the documentation for NVDA, it may be an easy macro or script to write,
or require the programming talent of a regiment of the United States Army
Corps. Of Engineers.
Alternatively, even JAWS may require scripting. Friend of mine, a blind
Court Reporter, lately teaching ESL as a volunteer, had a field JAWS would
not show on her Braille display. She got out the JAWS documentation, read
the sections on frames, scripts, macros and such and made JAWS read the
elusive field all by herself, I believe in one evening. You may also try
using Window Eyes, still available from VFO Group, however as it is no
longer being developed; it may not be a good choice.

Using one of these programs may let you find the blasted reply window!
Good luck and please do let this list know your success or failure, and if
success, briefly describe what you did to make NVDA read it and the Braille
Display it.

From: [] On Behalf Of
Brian Tew via Groups.Io
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2018 1:36 AM
Subject: [NVDA] skype gripe

Hey yall,
using skype 7.4, windows 10 and NVDA on a desktop with speech and braille
I cannot see any messages from the other skypers.
They see reply, and me but I never see their messages.
I have tabbed and alt-tabbed through everything on there.
My status in online.
Do you have any suggestions?

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