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Ervin, Glenn

I don’t know much about AOL, I think a few of my clients still have their old AOL account, only because it was their first eMail address.

And I believe it is just an eMail service for most, going through their ISP, likely fiber optic connection.



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Dear Glenn & List:


True, few people think of data usage. Does AOL still charge based upon traffic sent + received? They used to and Genie may still.


Network bandwidth is no longer much of a concern with fiber for moving data. The Listserv program can have sub-lists, so everyone is not on one server, but a university or firm with a cluster of subscribers will get just one copy of a message, then send each subscriber their own copy to read/delete etc. This used to be necessary when the expensive modems were 1,200 BPS and 110 and 300 Baud were the speeds even CRT terminals ran at unless hard-wired to the computer they were connected to.


Friend of mine, an operations manager at Bell Canada one day said he found he could have the master control terminals talk to his switching machines at 9,600 Baud on an ordinary phone line. I told him I had been running 33,600 Baud on my home line for about three years, he listened to his engineers too much talking about the need for specially conditioned lines for data rates higher than 110 Baud. This almost floored the man!


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I am guilty of not trimming off older parts of a conversation, I certainly will try to pay more attention to this.

I did not ever consider data usage.




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