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Pleease no politics here.
Just saying.
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All I’ll say is CA is one messed up country right now with Trudo the leftist in power. Oh and how is universal health care working out for ya? Not pretty from I understand. Now back to NVDA questions already in progress.

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lol I was gonna respond since I'm also from Canada but I live in BC

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Did you post this to the wrong list?
Its a bit Canadian... ahem.
Not nvda either.

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Subject: [nvda] Getting Off of SSDI, ongoing cost of access technology

Dear Glenn & List:

Here in Canada, at least Ontario, you are considered successfully placed in

gainful employment if the job is expected to last at least six months.
Friends receiving ODSP [Ontario Disability Support Program] payments who
have many medical conditions, each with at least one prescription medicine,

have told me time and again they are capable of gainful work, however, as a

part-time employee, they will not have a Prescription Medicine Plan. ODSP
provides each recipient with a Prescription Drug Benefit that covers most,
however, not all, prescriptions.

However, if you require a prescription not on the formulary, you may request

it be covered for you as your doctor has prescribed it, it is expensive, and

often the only medicine licensed in Canada to treat your condition. If this

does not work, you may apply to The Trillium Plan for coverage of the drug
in your particular case.

Friend of mine's spouse was diagnosed with gallstones. The doctor wanted to

dissolve them with an expensive medicine. Their ODSP monthly income was
maybe, $1,000 combined for the two of them. Friend takes the prescription to

his usual pharmacy, asks what it costs, answer was $300 for a month's
supply. He contacts his doctor, who writes an appeal letter to the Min of
Health, after a few weeks went by, they approved it. Unfortunately, the
medicine did not dissolve the stones.

His wife was diabetic, had heart issues and for these reasons was a bad
candidate for surgery.

At the time, Lithotripsy, busting the stones into fine powder, was not
available in Ottawa. It was in Montreal, province just across the Ottawa
River, and with its own Min of Health, friend of mine called around various

hospitals there, found one that did this treatment, gave the info to his
wife's doctor, who said I heard they no longer do this! Meanwhile, about a
day before, the hospital had told my friend they did do it, have the doctor

in Ottawa send them a referral. Therefore, my friend said why run up his
phone bill if the doctor will say he heard they no longer do it.

I do not know of a laparoscopic procedure, where they operate through a
small hole to the scene of the procedure was an option. Have heard these
procedures are much less stressful on the body, compared to a traditional
open procedure.

One friend of mine, in Toronto, is blind, diabetic, with MS and probably
other issues. Between her various doctors, she is on 32 prescriptions, with

the Ontario Drug Benefit, pharmacies may charge a $2 co-pay per
prescription. That is $64/month. Many pharmacies will waive the $2 co-pay,
others do not. The nursing home she resided at dealt with one pharmacy did
would not waive the co-pay. Her entire ODSP cheque of around $700/month went

to pay the daily fee for staying the home, except for her $100/month comfort

allowance, which was to cover replacement clothes, feminine hygiene
products, toothpaste, phone & cable tv if any, she also smoked. After trying

to explain to the home the $64 co-pay would be the largest item in her
budget, she cannot afford it, and getting the story they only wanted to deal

with the single pharmacy as it simplified ordering, she decided the home
could bill her all they wanted for the co-pay, however, she refused to pay
it. Her prescription medicines kept arriving and she had more spending

Having the Soc. Security Admin. Pay for access technology, with scripting
and training, to get someone into the workforce, earning more than the
prevailing SGA is fine. However, access tech wears out, requires maintenance

and can become unusable due to advances in computer technology. Many
perfectly good braille displays and synthesizers became obsolete when their

makers decided not to make drivers available for them when a Windows upgrade

required new drivers, or computers no longer had parallel & serial ports,
just USB ones.

The braille displays were well built, however the firm that took over the
equipment when TSI went bust, chose to not prolong their working life as
they competed directly with the Braille displays the firm designed & built
themselves. Freedom Scientific, now VFO Group was one firm that did this. In

addition, manufacturers of access tech can go bust, making well-designed
displays, however, not with enough market share to make the units and
especially the r and d to design newer ones.

There is also the issue of funding equipment maintenance, replacement and
scripting updated or new applications. If you work for Government, your
department or agency is expected to pay for this. Fine. The scripter says it

will cost $75,000 to script the soon to be released update to the main app
you use. The department has perhaps one or two blind employees who need the

update. If updates are released semi-annually, that is $1590, 000 for the
updates or $75,000 per blind employee. If the employee is a Quad or amputee,

using a sip & puff system to control their telephone, terminal printers etc.

the cost of reprogramming their sit & puff system can approach the Public
Debt of the United States of America. This is because sip & puff systems are

almost custom-made, as is their programming.

When my employer was concerned over the cost of a PC for me, offered, well,

I earn my hourly wage whether I am doing productive work or waiting for the

PC to compute. I prefer doing productive work. The boss accepted this line
of reasoning and purchased the faster PC with enough RAM and hard drive to
handle newer program versions, which seem to require more disk storage,
faster CPU and much more RAM.

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In VR with state agencies, we are reimbursed by Social Security if we place

someone in a job that is above SGA, that is, enough for the client to get
off SSDI.
So usually, cost is not an issue for things like adaptive equipment and

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Dear Brian & List:

I thought VFO Group would do JAWS scripting or put you in contact with a
certified Jaws Scripter.

Perhaps not.

I do know that someone wanted a proprietary application for a car rental
firm scripted to work with JAWS and was quoted thousands of dollars for the

work and advised that every timed the firm rolled out a new version the work

would have to be completely redone.

I believe the would- be scripting contractor was the Smith-Kettlewell
Foundation of San Francisco.

I can see changes being required for a new version of the App, but a
complete rewrite. That seems like someone trying to make a large company pay

and pay to support only a few employees.

It may have been a proprietary telemarketing program. However, I think the
employer to be was misquoted for the job.
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On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 12:21 PM, Steve Nutt wrote:
Again, if I want a program scripted in NVDA, who does it?
If you contact NV Access, I feel certain they could point you to someone.
Alternatively, even ask here. Most JAWS scripters are self-taught, or were

at one time anyway. I believe NVDA scripts are done in Python (though I
could be wrong) and there are plenty of Python programmers out there.

I had to dig long and hard to find JAWS scriptwriters when they were needed

about 2 years ago. It is a real niche market.

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