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In the digests, if using full-featured (HTML format) after each and every message there are generally 6 links (there are rare exceptions):

  1. View/Reply Online followed by the number of messages in a given topic in parentheses
  2. Reply to Group  (creates a new e-mail message in your e-mail client or webmail client with the correct subject for a reply, "Re: Topic title here")
  3. Reply to Sender  (creates a private e-mail to the sender of said message with the subject being, "Private: Topic title here")
  4. Mute this topic (stops delivery of any further messages in this topic either via digest or individual message)
  5. Top ^  (takes you back to the top of the message to the word, "DIGEST," immediately after which is the list of messages)
  6. New Topic  (opens a message in your e-mail or webmail client addressed to the same group as the message, but ready for you to start a new topic)
if going for plain text digests, there are three links with the following labels ahead of them so you know what each is for:
  1. View this message (analogous to #1 in the full-featured)
  2. Reply to this message (analogous to #2 in the full-featured)
  3. Mute this thread (analogous to #4 in the full featured)

It has been ages since I last experimented with the plain text digests, so Mark may have added some links, but I'm not going to switch to plain text digests to see what they look like since I last played with them.

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