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Well its never happened here but yeah I have ccleaner portable.

That does not make any tasks if ones ever got made.

But sadly, avast I don't know they may think its the best but its not.

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I eventually tracked the avast installation to a process in task manager written there by ccleaner even if you say no to avast. What it does is waits till you have forgotten all about it and the machine has been idle for a time then it craftily downloads avast and installs it. I caught it last time as it fell foul of my alteration to the startup on the registry program, and asked if it should start. I said no then I had a nice little round the mulberry bush morning of avastclear, which does not remove the task, and then searching for the task folder and removing it manually in safe mode.
I do feel that although Avast may see themselves as the bees knees of anti viruses,  doing this sort of underhand installing is going to turn the general public off them big time and we are especially vulnerable due to the programs  access issues. I used to like their system back before the accessproblems but since they have been buying up companies and trying to force their stuff on computers I find myself hating them instead!!
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You don't but the setting are saved automatically but with the way ccleaner has gotten access wize I thought I'd just put it out there.

Latest installs will moniter your system and such even if you turn it off maybe I am missing something but I no longer can trust the installers and I don't need to now.

On 7/25/2018 7:22 AM, Eleni Vamvakari wrote:
Is this for the official portable version or the one on Portable Apps?
  Why would we need a special settings file when settings are saved
automatically?  What did you mean when you said it was inaccessible?
I'm a bit confused about all of this.  I'm using this version right
now and it looks the same as it always has.

On 24/07/2018, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:

Well if it wern't enough, today, ccleaner had an update, the website
said there wasn't one, but there was an update.

So what does this mean, you can no longer clean up old windows

In addition to the monitering, ccleaner can run on your computer unless
you hit another button.

Even when things are cleared, it wasn't honoring my settings.

At first I tried the puran utilities, but I always liked ccleaner.

Anyway, there is a solution to this and also largely the accessibility
problems we face.

CCleaner portable is that solution, I was able to set it to startup
exactly how I wanted, you can run either 32 or 64 bit executable, I ran
the 32 bit version just because.

So, by default no monitoring no startup, no shortcuts, nothing.

I had to doodle round a bit but I was able at least in win7 to
accessibly well sort of anyway to set my options.

So you can just search for ccleaner portable on google and get this.

Place the following into the directory where you plan to have ccleaner

Note due to dropbox limits, if someone can perminantly host this
somewhere or as many people as can have this up so others can grab it.

CCleaner uses an ini file for its settings and not the registry.

So what does the ini file have in it.

All the settings are set, no wipe space, no startup, no monitoring.

You don't need the inaccessible control panel, the privacy buttons in
the latest version seem gone to but oh well.

There are trial nag screens, updates currently are left active.

Note, for those with uac you will have to allow it through each time you
run it.

You will also have to go to options, and find settings you may have to
tab shift tab a few times to find it, and then check the boxes for the
open and run ccleaner from recycle bin and it will make those shortcuts

Right now it also warns you of updates

This will give us ccleaner without avast, and the monitoring issues, and
extra junk piriform and avast seem deturmoned to foist on us poor users!

Its not much of a jesture of rebelion but as long as the ini file is
backed up and I don't plan to remove it any time soon it being so small,
we can probably use ccleaner with minimal configuration.

As long as the portable works.

Now the only reason I even bother with updates is because of win10 and
its servicing branch else I'd actually never bother updating it.

Bar the registry settings noncence there is no need to actually have it
installed at all.

All functions can run from it.

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