Re: can't get to my music file folder


Running and typing music should always get you to that folder unless you changed your location.

if not go to c:\users

find your username and then your music folder

Ofcause go and hit winkey and I, go to storage search for this in settings search and see where stuff actually goes, I have for example on the workstation because of its 128gb ssd, all documents, music and other videos and data pictures, etc on my data hdd and not on the system.

If this is the case you can change your location of your files usingĀ  simple comands from explorer.

On 7/26/2018 3:59 PM, Gene wrote:
Did you do what you should always do when odd pronblems occur with no known possible solution other than this? Did you reboot?

Also, did you look for the folder using File Explorer?

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From: Rosemarie Chavarria
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Subject: [nvda] can't get to my music file folder

Hi, everyone,

I don't know why but for some weird reason I can't find my music file folder. I don't know if it's something in NVDA or not. When I do a search for music and hit enter, all it shows is groove music but nothing else. This didn't happen in earlier versions of windows. I called the microsoft disability line and they couldn't fix the problem either. Why is this happening?

Thanks for your helpp in advance.


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