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In Windows 7 at least, Favorites, Downloads, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos and some others are under the user account folder.

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On 7/26/2018 7:15 AM, Brian K. Lingard wrote:
NVDADear Chris & List:
I believe my music, video & photo files are in:
With the last directory name changed for video or photos.
Documents sub-directory appears to be at the same level as downloads or possibly a sub-folder of downloads.
*From:* [] *On Behalf of *Chris Mullins
*Sent:* Thursday, July 26, 2018 7:59 AM
*Subject:* Re: [NVDA] cannot get to my music file folder
This was the case in earlier Windows versions but I think since Windows 7, Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos folders are stored in the c:\Users\UserName folder where “Username” is the name of the Windows account.  These are also the default folders in the Libraries of the same names, so if you configure File Explorer to “Library view”, they appear in the list when you press Windows+e, so are easily accessible.
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*Sent:* 26 July 2018 05:21
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*Subject:* Re: [NVDA] cannot get to my music file folder
Did you try pressing the Windows key and then typing “my music”?  It should be under documents and then music. Famous last words.
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*Sent:* Thursday, 26 July 2018 12:58 PM
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*Subject:* [NVDA] cannot get to my music file folder
Hi, everyone,
I do not know why but for some weird reason I cannot find my music file folder. I do not know if it is something in NVDA or not. When I do a search for music and hit enter, all it shows is groove music but nothing else. This did not happen in earlier versions of windows. I called the Microsoft disability line and they could not fix the problem either. Why is this happening?
Thanks for your help in advance.
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