Re: nvda very laggy on some websites with latest chrome

Tyler Wood

The biggest problem I am having with chrome is it is using a ton of memory.

If I leave it open for long enough, it will eventually bring this machine with 16 gb of ram to its knees. And that is with me closing every tab after use.

NVDA is running pretty snappy with chrome for me even on my little asus transformer book t100 1st gen.

On 26-Jul-2018 1:24 PM, James Bentley wrote:
Hi Josh,
I am having zero problems with the latest NVDA with its generic speech and the latest version of Chrome.
If you want to post a few more potentially glitchy web sites, I will see if I can confirm.
I am currently using an 8 year-old dual core processor running somewhre around 3.15 GB.
James B
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2018 12:15 PM
Subject: [nvda] nvda very laggy on some websites with latest chrome


On websites such as this one:


NVDA is very very laggy almost to the point of the site is nearly unreadable and its frustrating to navigate the site. I am glad I have the cheap inexpensive jaws home use license and Microsoft narrator as backups when NVDA gets real laggy like this. But even so, could this please be fixed so NVDA is nice and snappy on websites?







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