Closing universal apps.

John Isige

I know somebody mentioned this problem the other week, or something similar, but I missed the answer and now I'm having it. I'm using the Skype UWP app. That part's fine. However, it will pop up notifications. I don't know if this is from when I typed text into the input field that comes up with a notification, or from action center, but when I close something, I hear "notification" or "new notification", I can't make it do it to find out which one. I'm guessing I tried to get rid of the notification with escape or alt-F4, or maybe it just does this after you hit ctrl-enter to send a Skype message.

Using object navigation, I can get to the title, "new notification window", but there's nothing inside of it that I can see, and no way to close it. How do I get rid of these if they happen, and more importantly, what do I do to keep them from happening in the first place?

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