Re: DVD Player?


Well power dvd doesn't work now anyway its utterly inaccessible.

Windows media player may work you can access the dvd menu and turn on audio description, vlc should work to.

I use dvd audio extracter which nicely cracks your dvds for you.

Ofcause if its one of those paramount ones then all the bits are all over and you can't pirate the dvds.

I'd really like some accessible way to play my own dvds, for the older ones I just run cracking software and play them that way but to be honest, there are some secured dvds one which I was able to crack the other which didn't work so well so for those that don't work I end up playing them once then putting on my shelf with the other junk.

On 7/28/2018 1:39 PM, Roger Stewart wrote:
I need to know if there is a free and accessible program that will play DVD movies that works well with nvda?  I had Power DVD that came with my first ever DVD RW drive but that was for Win XP and it won't run on Win 10.  Hope there is one out there somewhere.




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