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There were a few snaps that also worked but to all intents and purposes they can be regarded as the same. I'm still using several machines like this and there is one worming. The addons might need to be older versions if you are downloading them. Newer ones may not work.

However its still impressive how well nvda works on xp even with newer versions of software that still runs on xp, which is increasingly rare of course.
Depending on whether your xp is running on AMD or Intel processors, the Intel versions actually have more software that will still run that the AMD ones do.
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Hi James,

As Joseph noted, the last version of NVDA that works on Windows XP is NVDA
2017.3. The download for that version is:

Kind regards


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The latest version that’ll run happily on Windows XP is 2017.3.



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Hi all,

I have a friend who is interested in using NVDA on a computer running XP.

Can he just down load the latest NVDA or should he try for an earlier
version. If so, which version?

Many thanks,

James B

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