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I think getting windows 10 is debatable, though of course in the long run vendors will increasing add more bells and whistles to software that work best in 10.
I'm using 7, and do not think I'll change on this machine and get another cheapo one to play with 10 on when funds are there.

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Dear David & List:

A button is activated by pressing the space bar to press it.

A link is activated by pressing enter on it or the left-hand mouse button.

Recommend you update your NVDA to the latest version supported by win 7.

Consider upgrading to Win 10. No announced end date for support.

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Subject: [NVDA] NVDA Goes Silent in Dialogue on Websites

Hello Members,

I believe I am using a 2016 version of NVDA with my windows seven
Computer, and will upgrade when purchasing a new computer in 2020.
That being said, can someone explain the reason NVDA goes silent when I
press enter on a given website, and I enter a link called Dialogue.
Arrow keys (up down) or tab keys do not result in any screen info being read.
Just blank blank blank

One such example is the Tax Information link at Amazon, required by authors
To complete when establishing or updating an existing account.

I notice too, some websites are using the word 'button' instead of 'link' to
identify key places. What is the difference?

Thank you for your help.

David Russell

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