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Felix G.

For an installed NVDA, what I do is press Windows+R to bring up the Run dialog, then type %appdata%\NVDA which will take me to NVDA's user config.

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Ah well one of the first things I do after getting a new machine is make all
files visible to my account and set myself as admin. Also where possible set
all folders to the same list view, increasingly hard in 10, and I also make
sure it can open explorer windows in a new process so I can see how a I got
to where I am with alt tab. its no hassle with plenty of ram after all.


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I think there is a bigger problem here: the folder name doesn’t matter; what
matters is if show hidden files and folders is turned on.



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On the installed copy the folder is called systemconfig. Only in portable
copies the foldeer is called Userconfig.



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Does anyone know where the NVDA user config directory usually is located. I
tried to click on the item in the start menu, but it seams to be an empty
file instead of a directory.
Thanks in advance!

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