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Thank you Quentin and Joeseph,
I’ll get this info to my friend right away. I am curious as to how well he likes NVDA on XP.
Concerning NVDA and windows 7, I tried to fill out an insurance form yesterday using Jaws.  Jaws did not recognize my imput on part of the form.  Hmmm, useless on that particular site in both IE and Chrome.  I cranked up NVDA just to try it.  I had the form filled out with Chrome in ten minutes.  Kind of strange how that worked out.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Using NVDA on XP?
Hi James,
As Joseph noted, the last version of NVDA that works on Windows XP is NVDA 2017.3.  The download for that version is:
Kind regards
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The latest version that’ll run happily on Windows XP is 2017.3.




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Subject: [nvda] Using NVDA on XP?


Hi all,


I have a friend who is interested in using NVDA on a computer running XP.


Can he just down load the latest NVDA or should he try for an earlier version.  If so, which version?


Many thanks,


James B



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