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Antony Stone

If you are allowed to use technical aids in the examination, surely a talking
calculator is the simplest solution?

And, if you're not allowed to use technical aids, what are the sighted people
expected to do? I can't imagine a management exam expecting people to do
arithmetic with pencil & paper... (or if that is expected, what sort of
management are they going to end up in ...?)

Finally, for a non-technical solution, are you allowed (as a blind person) to
take someone with you, and so long as you know what mathematics to ask them to
do, they're allowed to do it for you and give you the answer? They can't help
you to solve the original question, but if you know how to solve it, they can
do the tedious bits of arithmetic for you and give you what you need to get to
the answer.


On Saturday 28 July 2018 at 12:33:31, Sociohack AC wrote:

How do you guys do mathematics? Do you use some software or some physical
instrument like abacus? I will be appearing for a management entrance exam
in December. I will be required to solve high school level mathematical
problems as soon as possible. I had learnt math when I had partial vision
with normal pen and paper, then i switched to humanities, and now I intend
to go the management route. For this I will be required to do mathematics
again. Please suggest me any possible solutions. It is a competitive exam,
so speed and accuracy both matters.

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