graphical tool for dism?

Josh Kennedy



Does anyone know of a good graphical tool that will let you use all of dism’s features with a graphical interface, buttons and checkboxes and list boxes and so on? I can use the command line, but lets say I add a language or some features that are part of a package, and then want to remove the tts or something, some of those packages are stubborn and can only be removed with administrator command line running like such:


Dism /online /remove-package /packageName:NameOfPackageToBeRemoved


If there is a tool that will put a list of packages in a list box and let me remove them with NVDA it would make life easier. I can use the command line with dism to get a list of stubborn packages I wish to remove. And I can remove them with command line also but this involves sending the list of packages to a text file, copying and pasting packageNames onto the command line and stuff. Life would be easier with a dism gui program that works with NVDA.





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