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First you need to be in touch with who or whatever the testing organization is. Tell them about your vision and ask first if they have had experience with accommodations for a blind or visually impaired person. If so, could they email you a list of accommodations that have been used in the past. You would want to f Specifically, if a talking calculator will be seen as a reasonable accommodation. There are stand-alone talking calculators. If you have an iPhone or iPad there are free calculator apps and at least one scientific talking calculator I believe may still be free. If you want suggestions, let me know on or off list.

Whatever you might choose to use, you would want to have it soon so that you have plenty of time to get comfortable using it.

How are you going to read what I imagine is a print text exam? Do you still have enough vision to read large print? If not may you have a reader/scribe? Does the testing organization provide someone or can it be a person you choose. The second option is the best. Like the calculator, it you can select a reader/scribe the two of you should find a source for sample questions to use for practice.  You may find that there is a study guide for the exam.

Hope this does not feel like information overload. You have a good deal of time before the exam. Vest thing to do is to work with whatever accommodations you choose so that they help not hinder your test taking.


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 How do you guys do mathematics?  Do you use some software or some physical instrument like abacus? I will be appearing for a management entrance exam in December. I will be required to solve high school level mathematical problems as soon as possible. I had learnt math when I had partial vision with normal pen and paper, then i switched to humanities, and now I intend to go the management route. For this I will be required to do mathematics again. Please suggest me any possible solutions. It is a competitive exam, so speed and accuracy both matters. 


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