Re: Introducing Add-on Updater: check, download, apply add-on updates #addonrelease

Gerardo Corripio

OK and when the automatic check for addons is added into the NVDA core, does one uninstall the AddON, so as not to have duplicate functions?

El 29/07/2018 a las 02:02 p.m., Joseph Lee escribió:

Hi all,


I’m delighted to announce the immediate release of Add-on Updater that brings one of the frequently requested features to life: ability to check, download, and apply community add-on updates:


To use this add-on, after installing it, go to NVDA menu/Tools/Check for add-on updates. If updates are found, a list of updates will be shown with an option to update add-ons. After installing add-on updates, say “yes” when asked to restart.


The following add-ons are excluded from add-on update check via this add-on because they provide their own add-on update feature: Braille Extender, StationPlaylist Studio, WeatherPlus, Windows 10 App Essentials. Also, add-ons not hosted on community add-ons website ( are also excluded.




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