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Eventually, yes. In the next add-on release, I’ll let the add-on “not work” when the stable version of NVDA with automatic add-on update checking feature is installed.




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OK and when the automatic check for addons is added into the NVDA core, does one uninstall the AddON, so as not to have duplicate functions?


El 29/07/2018 a las 02:02 p.m., Joseph Lee escribió:

Hi all,


I’m delighted to announce the immediate release of Add-on Updater that brings one of the frequently requested features to life: ability to check, download, and apply community add-on updates:


To use this add-on, after installing it, go to NVDA menu/Tools/Check for add-on updates. If updates are found, a list of updates will be shown with an option to update add-ons. After installing add-on updates, say “yes” when asked to restart.


The following add-ons are excluded from add-on update check via this add-on because they provide their own add-on update feature: Braille Extender, StationPlaylist Studio, WeatherPlus, Windows 10 App Essentials. Also, add-ons not hosted on community add-ons website ( are also excluded.




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