Re: Introducing Add-on Updater: check, download, apply add-onupdates #addonrelease

Michael Massey <massey52@...>

Hi, all.  Well, at the risk of sounding puzzled, I have the add-on mentioned in the subject line installed.  Yet when I check the preferences menu, I can’t find the add-on in the list.  I only can find the Windows 10 essentials add-on.  Thinking it wasn’t installed correctly, I installed the add-on again and found out that the add-on was already installed and do I wish to install it again.  Everybody else is able to use the add-on, so what am I doing wrong to try to run it.  Could it be that because I only have the Windows 10 essentials add-on installed that the updater add-on can’t run or doesn’t show in the list of add-ons?  Oh, btw, the add-on is installed in a folder called downloads where I have various and sundry executables.  Thanks. 

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