Re: how do I set a home page in the new fire fox?

John Isige

Tools/Options, shift-tab a couple of times and you'll get to a list,
arrow down to home, tab, and there's a combo box where you can pick
options like blank page or whatever. I didn't look at the rest of it but
that's where you set up your home page before, so I assume if you pick
the right option, it will have an edit field to specify the page you
want as your home page.

On 7/30/2018 16:52, brian wrote:
I am using the new fire fox and I have my favorites from ie and I do
have first letternavagation but how do I set my home page I want to
use bard thats the page I have in ie.  There is an article that I
found when I googled it but it says to drag and drop. I am having no
issues with nvda reading in fire fox.  no issues when down loading I
use save as and then control j to hear the percentages.  Fire fox
loads pages faster than in ie.

Brian Sackrider

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