Re: wrong messages are being read

chris miles

On 30/07/2018 23:19, Abbie Taylor wrote:
I'm noticing the same issue, and it's probably with NVDA and not with Thunderbird. When I arrow down to the next message, and press Enter to open it, NVDA sometimes reads the message I was on. I don't think it happens as much with Eloquence or the Microsoft voices, but it is a pain. To be sure I'm on the message I want to red, I press Modifier plus up arrow, which reads the current item in the list. Try that. I'm afraid it's all I can suggest.


To go to the next message in TB:-

Press F

To go back: B

To mark messages: C

In a thread: press N

I have messages set in the view menu - Sort by Subject

and sort by group; thus all messages relating to a thread are grouped together.

Hope this is of help.

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